Our ISO 9001 Training Solutions Quality Management

Accreditation with PNAC the ISOQAR Certification (Pvt) Ltd facilitating not only the consistent delivery of a product. Or service but also the means to achieve it.
Quality professionals have responsibility for business performance. As well as the continual improvement of the organization. Our IRCA accredited and non-accredited (QMS) courses provide best practice tools to give you a full understanding of quality management. As well as the audit process in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001.

1-day IRCA Foundation course

Solutions QMS- provides a thorough introduction to quality management. Together with the requirements for quality management system (QMS) implementation

1-day Implementation course

Bridges the gaps needed after the foundation training, offering the needed knowledge. And tools to effectively implement a QMS – to be attended after the one-day foundation training.

2-day IRCA Internal Auditor course

Provides delegates with an understanding of the requirements of auditing QMS. As well as teaches the benefits and pitfalls in auditing such systems.

5-day IRCA Auditor/Lead Auditor course

Equips delegates with the skills and techniques of auditing, solutions QMS. And how to communicate the findings of the audit effectively to the management of the audited organization.

1-day introduction to Internal Auditing course

Provides an understanding of how to audit an effective QMS using theory and group exercises. A basic level of understanding is achieved and work-based mentoring is recommended as a support tool after training. Or before the 2-day internal auditor training is attended.

2-day IRCA QMS Auditor Transition Training

Course for Lead Auditors to update the 2008 certificate to the new 2015 Quality Management System.

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