1. Application is filled by the client and Certification Service Agreement is finalized with the client.

2. GAP Analysis: An optional analysis may be performed if agree d by the client in the Service Agreement.

3. Stage 1 audit: (Document Review) is conducted to assess the organization’s readiness for the stage 2 audit. Auditor(s) assesses documented system with the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard. The document review is normally conducted on-site. Audit report is provided at the end of Stage 1 audit identifying audit findings/observed non conformances (if any). The client is required to take corrective actions so that stage 2 audit can be planned.

4. Stage-2 Audit: This second stage is conducted to determine the extent of implementation and effectiveness of the quality management system. The auditor(s) will execute an extensive review of records, observing working practices and interview a significant portion of the employees – at all levels of the organization. Audit findings are provided at the end of Stage 2 audit identifying observations, non conformances and opportunities for improvement (if any). The client is required to close the non conformances within agreed time frame. After closing of non conformances, an independent technical review of audit is conducted and certificate is issued to the client.

5.Surveillance Audits are conducted as per defined frequency as specified in Service Agreement (minimum annually) to observe the ongoing assessment for maintenance of certification requirements and continual improvement.

Recertification Audit is conducted before expiry of certification as per revised Service Agreement. Surveillance visits will then continue, as before, on a 3-year cycle.

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