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BRCGS Food is the UK BRC’s flagship standard for food safety management. BRCGS stands for Brand Reputation Compliance Global Standards (BRCGS) | Food Safety

The BRC standard was first developed and published in 1998. Since then, it has been regularly updated in accordance with the latest knowledge and experience in the field of food safety. The eighth edition of the BRC Food standard is currently in force. The standard includes guidelines for producers to help them produce safe food and supervise the quality of products, in accordance with customer expectations.

The BRC Food certification used to assess food suppliers is recognized by many retailers, food service companies and manufacturers around the world. The BRC standard defines the requirements for production, processing and packaging: processed food, both own brand and customer brand, raw materials or ingredients intended for use by catering and catering companies and/or food producers, basic products such as fruit and vegetables, pet food.

BRCGS Packaging:

BRC Packaging The Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials was created for suppliers of packaging and packaging materials for the food industry. Work on the standard was carried out by the British Retail Consortium and the Institute of Packaging.

The purpose of introducing the BRC Packaging standard was to make it easier for producers to adapt to both legal requirements and the requirements of retail chains that market products under their own brand, as well as to ensure that packaging and packaging materials are safe for users.

Today, this standard is the leading international standard used by retailers, manufacturers and the packaging industry around the world.

BRC Packaging contains requirements for the hygiene of the plant and production as well as the quality management system, which are to lead to the creation of a product that is safe and compliant with quality requirements.

The BRC Packaging certificate issued by the ISOQAR accredited certification body is an objective proof that your organization meets the requirements of the food safety management system addressed to the packaging industry.

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